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Creative Salmon is excited to share progress with its year-long Leader Program in collaboration with Vivo Team Development.

“We are halfway through the Creative Salmon Leader Program, which began in January 2023,” says Tee Komsa, Director of Client Experience at Vivo Team. “So far, our ten leaders have completed ten content sessions and five coaching sessions.”

The first half of the training focused on empowering Creative Salmon leaders to enhance team effectiveness through better collaboration, productivity, and team dynamics.

Ian Francis, who plays a vital role in Creative Salmon’s operations and has been with the company since 1995, says the recent milestone is a major achievement for Creative’s corporate culture.

“For the group, it was great to learn and understand everyone’s leadership styles and get a perspective of how each person operates.”
As the program continues through December 2023, the second half will focus on structures and emotional intelligence, says Komsa. “Creative Salmon leaders will learn to implement effective meeting strategies and nurture skills like self-awareness, empathy, and assertiveness, inspiring their teams to excel.”

The program’s outcomes have been impressive. Clear communication now thrives, fostering transparency and trust. Participants have built meaningful relationships, cultivating camaraderie among teams, and are grateful for the opportunity to grow.

“At Creative Salmon, nurturing effective leaders is fundamental as we strive to have a positive influence with staff, in our operations, and in our communities,” says Lisa Stewart, Creative’s Communications, Human Resources, and Sustainability Officer. “Effective leadership means a brighter future for both Creative Salmon and BC’s aquaculture sector.”

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