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Creative Salmon’s senior management team on a Vivo Team Development video call

For Creative Salmon, continuous improvement isn’t just a value applied to their approach to raising Chinook salmon on B.C.’s west coast, it’s also an important part of their corporate culture.

For four months through the Spring and Summer, Creative’s senior management team has been taking a full-spectrum learning experience course with Vivo Team Development, based in Vancouver.

The program develops competence, motivation, and collaboration through live, online training, coaching, and people analytics with focus on fostering communication through interactive feedback.

“It was great,” says Ken Roberts, Creative’s Maintenance Manager and Safety Coordinator.

“I went into the training thinking I wouldn’t get near as much out of it as I did.”

Roberts says he saw noticeable communication and feedback differences not only in his team but within other teams as well.

“I am walking away with a lot of resources, a variety of communication styles, and new habits. We now have many tools at our disposal.”

After working with the Creative crew, Tee Komsa, Manager of Client Experience and Product Delivery at Vivo, says the group was eager to learn.

“The group of leaders from Creative Salmon were engaged right from the start. It was evident that they are all down-to-earth professionals who genuinely love what they do and want to learn how to become more efficient leaders to support their teams better.”

Lisa Stewart, Creative’s Communications, Human Resources, Sustainability Officer, says opportunities to upskill and grow along with Creative is part of the company’s hiring philosophy.

‘We are committed to making it easy for people from the local communities including Tofino, Ucluelet, Esowista, and Ty-Histanis to work for us,” says Stewart. “Ongoing development and support beyond the nuts and bolts of on-the-job training goes a long way in making Creative an employer of choice in the region.”

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