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Innovation with Innovasea

Creative’s Biology Technician Rodrigo Leme, deploying the Innovasea camera.

As the aquaculture industry continues to innovate and refine its practices, Creative Salmon embraces technological advancement and integrates relevant developments.

One of these advancements includes implementing technologies available from Innovasea, a global leader in aquatic solutions, which enables Creative Salmon to monitor and manage stocks with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Creative uses a variety of Innovasea hardware and software solutions, including Realfish Pro, which monitors dissolved oxygen levels, water temperature, salinity and turbidity across the sites. This software collects and produces real-time data, enabling Creative Salmon to react quickly to any immediate changes in environmental conditions.

Rodrigo Leme, a Biology Technician at Creative Salmon, appreciates how Innovasea’s technologies have improved processes. “We went from manually measuring oxygen, temperature, turbidity and salinity every morning, and during feeding, to having 24/7 water-quality monitoring capabilities readily accessible from anywhere. Understanding water-quality changes overnight and during tide cycles helps us make more informed decisions.”

Leme also uses Innovasea’s aquaBloom software, which allows for plankton data tracking, reporting and analysis as well as long-term record keeping.

“Prior to introducing the online plankton database, plankton data collection was only kept on paper at the sites, which made it very challenging to analyze and link harmful plankton blooms to other environmental variables such as precipitation and water temperature. The online plankton database now helps us understand plankton trends and is another tool that puts us one step closer to hopefully be able to predict plankton blooms in the future.”

Creative also follows fish growth development using Innovasea’s artificial intelligence (AI) biomass camera system, called BiomassPro. According to Leme, the AI and machine learning technology has improved the accuracy of fish growth estimations, reduced labour, and standardized data collection methods.

As the aquaculture industry continues to innovate, it is exciting to see how companies like Creative Salmon embrace new technologies to improve practices and contribute to sustainable food production, says Leme.

“The wireless, live water-quality monitoring systems, online plankton database, and AI cameras are all crucial improvements that take organic Pacific salmon farming to the next level.”

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