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Creative Goes with the Flow

Errol Menzie, Creative’s Automated Net Cleaner Technician, checks the Flowpressor

Since Poseidon Ocean Systems’ new Flowpressor™ aeration technology was installed in July 2022, fuel consumption where it operates has been cut in half.

Designed and engineered specifically for the needs of aquaculture farmers, Flowpressor ensures dissolved oxygen levels stay above minimum thresholds so that salmon can better convert feed into body weight.

This technology also enables Creative’s feeding and water diffuser systems to operate more efficiently and with less emissions.

“The Flowpressor is reliable, user-friendly, and provides significant fuel and energy savings compared to our previous conventional system,” says Ken Roberts, Creative’s Maintenance Manager. “These advancements not only benefit Creative Salmon’s aquaculture practices, but also have a positive impact on the wider industry.”

According to Roberts, a second Flowpressor unit will soon be implemented at Creative Salmon, and with it the opportunity for Creative to further reduce its carbon footprint.

“When our customers are happy, we’re happy,” said Jamie Gaskill, CEO at Poseidon Ocean Systems. “We are thankful for the progressive attitudes of our BC customers, who have been quick to invest in and adopt our cleantech solutions. Our focus at Poseidon is to help farmers improve fish welfare, increase production volume, increase sustainability and decrease costs—we look forward to delivering in these areas in partnership with Creative Salmon.”

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