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Creative’s Biology Manager Barb Cannon, analyzing AKVA fishtalk data

Creative Salmon is dedicated to producing high-quality Chinook salmon with minimal interaction with the environment. In our commitment to sustainable and responsible practices, Creative Salmon has implemented AKVA fishtalk software to optimize efficiencies while maintaining excellent fish quality.

AKVA fishtalk is a powerful tool comprised of different modules, the main one being AKVA control. This module allows feeding assistance, process control, production control, and planning. With the use of fishtalk, Creative Salmon has the ability to capture data from smolt to harvest, track growth, mortality and production, and have powerful reporting and analysis capabilities.

The finance and planning modules of fishtalk have also become an indispensable tool for Creative Salmon, enabling them to make day-today decisions on a single site or map out a five-year plan for the whole company.

Mike Tchipeff, Biology Technician at Creative Salmon, says fishtalk has improved the company’s operations. “In addition to providing real-time information, fishtalk generates weekly reports that help with government reporting and budgeting purposes.”

Tchipeff believes fishtalk helps Creative Salmon be better farmers. “The information allows us to react to issues quicker and easier, and hone in on our feeding practices.”

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