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Johnny’s Creative Salmon

Johnny Amos, Creative Salmon’s Baxter Site Manager, reached a milestone in his Creative career in 2022 with the harvest of fully-grown Chinook that he and his team raised from tiny smolts.

Johnny’s Creative story started in 2006 when he took a job as a Farm Technician. His day-to-day tasks included feeding and care of fish, net cleaning, maintenance, contributing to the harvest, and operating boats and equipment.

“I’d worked as a labourer in construction before coming to Creative, but that was just a job,” says Johnny. “From the beginning here, I could tell there was a future for me. It’s a career.”

Over more than 15 years, Johnny became a go-to source for leadership and advice and was promoted to Site Manager in October 2020. When he took the position, the fish at his site had already spent about one year at sea. Harvesting of the healthy, tasty Pacific Chinook started the following summer.

Spring 2021 marked a new beginning for Johnny when a new batch of Chinook smolts arrived at the Baxter site from Creative Salmon’s Sea Spring hatchery. From the day these young fish entered his pens, Johnny and his team were responsible for ensuring every aspect of their care.

Over 15 months, thousands of 30-gram smolts grew to adults weighing, on average, 9 to 10 pounds each. And, with that, the harvest of Johnny’s Creative Salmon began in June 2022.

Harvests up to three times a week are planned this fall, says Johnny, and the fish health, size, and quality are outstanding.

“The harvest is the best time of the year. It’s when you get to see the fish, and the crew understands everything we’ve been working toward.”


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