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30 Years of Sustainable Leadership

When Tim first started working as a Farm Technician at Creative Salmon, diving was part of the job. Over time, the company changed that, turning the scuba diving tasks over to contractors.

This summer, Creative Salmon has many reasons to celebrate, with milestones that mark a journey of dedication and commitment. Not only is Tim Rundle, the General Manager of Creative Salmon, celebrating 30 years with the company, Creative Salmon is also celebrating ten years since becoming Canada’s first certified organic farm salmon producer.

Starting as a Farm Technician and working through various roles, Tim’s exceptional career trajectory speaks volumes about his passion for the aquaculture sector and for the company’s growth.

Tim’s dedication to sustainability and organic practices has been a driving force in shaping Creative Salmon’s success. In 2013, Creative Salmon achieved a groundbreaking feat by becoming Canada’s first certified organic farm salmon producer. Tim’s leadership played a pivotal role in this achievement as he actively contributed to developing and implementing the Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standard.

Beyond his contributions to Creative Salmon, Tim’s involvement in the Canadian Organic Seafood Association (COSA) has been instrumental in promoting organic aquaculture and sharing best practices within the sector. Currently serving as Chair of COSA, Tim continues to advocate for sustainable seafood production and aligns his vision with broader organic food producers through his role as Vice President of the Canadian Organic Trade Association (COTA).

Throughout his career, Tim has witnessed significant transformations in the aquaculture sector. From manual processes to advanced technology and automation, Creative Salmon embraced these changes to enhance efficiency and precision in its operations.

When asked to reflect on important efforts over his 30-year career with Creative Salmon, Tim pointed to relationship building with the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation. “As rights-holder for the area where we operate, this relationship is fundamental. We would not be doing what we do without our protocol with Tla-o-qui-aht.”

As Creative Salmon celebrates Tim’s remarkable journey, they commend his leadership and dedication to creating a sustainable future for aquaculture. His 30-year tenure serves as an inspiration, driving positive change and paving the way for responsible seafood production.


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