Learn how to perfectly fillet your Salmon with this video. From how to remove the skin to all of the tiny bones. (There is nothing worse than biting into a gorgeous piece of salmon to find little bones poking into your cheek!). 

For the Foodies: How to best prepare King Salmon. Those of you who appreciate high quality ingredients will enjoy the velvety texture and rich buttery flavour of this revered fish—its high fat content makes it a sought out delicacy. 

Pentair spotlights Creative Salmon—the first salmon farming company in North America to reach organic certification. Set in gorgeous Tofino, British Columbia, off of the coast of Vancouver Island, Creative Salmon shows you around our sea pen operation and how we have come to be so successful in a niche market. 

Ocean Rodeo drysuits continue to make waves in commercial environments. Check out Ocean Rodeo’s “Ignite" drysuit in action, worn by Creative Salmon’s Night Watch and Maintenance crew on the water in Tofino. 

Creative Salmon’s long-time commitment to natural practices and dedication to quality achieved a new level of recognition in December 2013 when we became the first salmon farming company in North America to achieve organic certification. This video was recently produced in the Fall of 2015. 

Vancouver Community College Instructor Dave Ryan shares his recipe for Organic Chinook Salmon tacos at the Surrey Firefighters Ignite a Dream fundraiser. 

Visit Creative Salmon’s operation in British Columbia and watch our crew bring our fish to you – from egg to plate 


This video is taken from a larger effort called BC At The Table. Thank you to the BC Dairy Association for inviting us to participate in this project.

BC At The Table aims to help teachers help students learn about BC's food system. Following the story of produce, grains, dairy, and salmon the videos and Teacher Resources explain how food is produced, processed, distributed, and acquired. Thousands of people across this province make their living in BC's food system – including our crew here at Creative Salmon. To learn more about the BC At The Table project and to see the other videos visit

Food Network's "Pitchin-In": Creative Salmon gets to teach Chef Lynn Crawford the ins and outs of farming Pacific Chinook Salmon 


Food Network Pitchin' In

Chef Lynn Crawford has never been shy of a challenge.

Her award-winning Food Network television show was born when Crawford decided to get out from behind the kitchen door to seek new adventures and learn more about the food she uses and the people who grow and harvest that food.

While filming an episode for the fourth season of Pitchin’ In, Creative Salmon got to teach Crawford the ins and outs of farming Pacific Chinook salmon.

In return, Creative Salmon staff learned a fair bit about cooking amazing food and the amount of time and effort that goes into making entertaining television.

Creative Salmon General Manager Tim Rundle was excited when the production company approached him about doing the episode. He also admits he was nervous when Chef Lynn sampled his home-made smoked salmon. (You’ll have to watch to see what Lynn thought of Tim’s cooking!)

But Tim says the entire experience was a lot of fun and he gives credit to his crew for showing her the ropes… and the nets.

Operations Manager Ian Francis had way too much fun cleaning nets with Lynn and when Eagle Bay Site Manager Morris Meikle put Lynn to work on the harvest boat, the fun and the fish were both flying.

Watch the full episode..

Photo credits: Creative Salmon

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