Food Network Pitchin' In

Chef Lynn Crawford has never been shy of a challenge.

Her award-winning Food Network television show was born when Crawford decided to get out from behind the kitchen door to seek new adventures and learn more about the food she uses and the people who grow and harvest that food.

While filming an episode for the fourth season of Pitchin’ In, Creative Salmon got to teach Crawford the ins and outs of farming Pacific Chinook salmon.

In return, Creative Salmon staff learned a fair bit about cooking amazing food and the amount of time and effort that goes into making entertaining television.

Creative Salmon General Manager Tim Rundle was excited when the production company approached him about doing the episode. He also admits he was nervous when Chef Lynn sampled his home-made smoked salmon. (You’ll have to watch to see what Lynn thought of Tim’s cooking!)

But Tim says the entire experience was a lot of fun and he gives credit to his crew for showing her the ropes… and the nets.

Operations Manager Ian Francis had way too much fun cleaning nets with Lynn and when Eagle Bay Site Manager Morris Meikle put Lynn to work on the harvest boat, the fun and the fish were both flying.

If you missed the episode when it aired, you can watch the full episode to see all the wet, cold, slippery business.

Photo credits: Creative Salmon

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