Chinook salmon

Our salmon – from egg to plate

At Creative Salmon, we operate our own brood stock program. Eggs, fry and smolts are raised at our own organically certified hatchery, Sea Spring, located about 4.5 hours away on the east coast of Vancouver Island.

A salmon is described as a fry when it is a free swimming baby fish. It becomes a smolt when it has acquired its silvery colour and is ready to go to sea.

The fish spend 7 to 12 months in the hatchery. When they are ready, the smolts are carefully transported to our ocean pens.

It takes about another 16 months for the salmon to reach harvest size. Depending on the season and demand, we harvest our fish up to two or three times a week. The fish are pumped aboard a harvest vessel, humanely stunned, and chilled in circulating slush ice or with refrigerated saltwater and taken to the organically certified processing plant right on the dock in Tofino (about an hour by boat).

The primary processing happens right there, in a government certified plant owned and operated by Lions Gate Fisheries. A skilled crew processes the fish and grades them for quality and size, all by hand, and then packs them on ice.

Temperature controlled trucks leave Tofino in the afternoon of every processing day and reach the Mainland by evening. The fish are unloaded early the following morning at Lions Gate Fisheries' organically certified Delta facility, and from there they are distributed to our customers around the world.

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