Get fresh with us.

If you want fresh, you’ve come to the right place. Creative Salmon is proud to raise certified organic indigenous Pacific Chinook (King) salmon in the waters of Clayoquot Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We achieved our organic certification by committing to sustainable, responsible farming practices and through continual care for the health and quality of our fish. Since we harvest year-round, our salmon is always fresh and ready for your table.

Why eat farmed salmon?
We can provide consistently fresh, high-quality fish year-round without depleting wild salmon stocks. And because our salmon is certified organic, it’s the right choice for your table and for the environment.
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What is a natural diet?
We stay as close to a Chinook’s natural diet as we can in a farm setting. Our feed is primarily made of sustainably sourced fish meal and fish oil, with organic wheat as a binder. We never use growth-promoting hormones.
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What does being certified organic mean?
It means we don’t treat our fish with antibiotics or pesticides and we don’t use genetically modified organisms. Our fish are fed a natural diet and are raised in a low-density environment. Certified organic means our long-standing commitment to farming salmon in an environmentally responsible manner has been officially recognized.
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What about sea lice?
Chinook salmon are indigenous to the Pacific Ocean where we operate, so they’re naturally tolerant of sea lice. Because of this, our fish are never treated with pesticides.
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